Technical UREA for Industrial usage

Industrial/technical urea can be used to blend your own urea water solution in a blending facility. GreenChem sells this urea in the form of prills. These prills are retailed in bags that can easily be stored on your premises.  You can therefore make your own urea solution blend to suit your needs. GreenChem can package urea in various quantities, e.g. bags of 25 kg or in large bags of 1000 kg net, and can be transported on or without pallets. Technical grade urea can be also supplied in bulk in appropriate silo vehicles.

Usable life: 12 months from the date of production, if the storage instructions are observed.

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Industrial / Technical Urea

The industrial sector, power plants, incineration facilities and waste-to-energy plants need to use NOx reduction agents for proper operation of the SCR or SNCR technology. Efficient operation of the SCR or SNCR technology at large combustion plants often requires high quantities of reduction agents and thus there is an option to build their own blending facilities on site and purchase proper urea directly from GreenChem. Another route to follow to obtain ready-to-use products such as an appropriate urea water solution or ammonia water.