For more information on storage and handling: Download the AUS40 - MSDS


Storage of AUS40

Essentially, all storage requirements of AdBlue are applicable on AUS40. There is a difference in the temperature: AUS40 should be stored between 5°C and 25°C. Temperatures below 0°C are to be avoided, as well as temperatures above 30°C. AUS40 begins to freeze at 0°C; once thawed, it can be used again. AUS40 should be stored in a closed, dry room with good ventilation. There is no specification for the maximum quantity of stored AUS40.


Quality of AUS40

AUS40 quality is important for the proper functioning of your exhaust gas aftertreatment equipment, particularly for SCR catalyst activity. Impurities in your AUS40 may cause blockages and crystallisation, which can disrupt the SCR system. Take the utmost care when dispensing AUS40 and keep out of contact with other substances. All quality requirements of AdBlue are also applicable to AUS40. Learn more about the quality of AdBlue by clicking on the YouTube video link..

Specifications industrial urea water solutions

Upon request, GreenChem can supply industrial urea solutions made from automotive grade urea or technical grade urea and various urea concentrations. In the framework of today’s energy and industrial NOx emissions controls, the most common urea concentration in water is 40%.

Download the AUS40 specifications.

Production of the industrial urea water solution / AUS40

All GreenChem blending sites are able to produce urea solutions at various urea concentrations, e.g. AUS40, a 40% solution made of high spec pure automotive urea and demineralised water. We have 22 production locations throughout Europe that can produce various urea water solutions and are able to perform bulk deliveries in a wide range of countries.

Our number of production locations affords us very high production flexibility and a high level of delivery security. 

Industrial Urea water solution

What is industrial urea solution or AUS40 ?  

This is a special urea solution that contains 40% automotive urea or technical urea. AUS40 made from automotive grade urea can be used in heavy duty SCR engines and is especially suitable for NOx reduction in industrial combustion plants with SCR NOx emissions control technology.

This fluid is available in bulk deliveries.

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