For more information about stroage and handling, Download the Marine Urea MSDS 

Storage and quality of Marine Urea

Packed urea must be stored in original, undamaged and closed containers, separately from foodstuffs, drinks, animal feed, pesticides and their containers. Bulk urea deliveries must be stored in separate and marked boxes, in dry, ventilated and closed storerooms.

To maintain guaranteed quality, do not mix GreenChem marine urea with other products.

Production of marine urea

Urea is produced from liquid ammonia and gaseous carbon dioxide at high pressure and temperature. Several chemical reactions occur and the resulting process provides an aqueous urea solution. This urea solution can be adjusted to the required concentration for subsequent use, or converted to solid urea through water evaporation, with subsequent processes of crystallisation, melting, prilling or granulation.


Specifications of marine urea, Datasheet

What is marine urea?

Urea (CO(NH2)2) is a chemical compound which is produced most often in an integrated ‘Natural gas – Ammonia ­– Urea’ process and used in a wide range of applications.

Marine Urea

Marine urea can be used to blend your own urea solution in an on-ship blending facility. GreenChem sells marine urea in the form of prills. These prills are retailed in bags that can easily be stored on your vessel. You can then make your own urea solution blend to suit your needs. GreenChem packs urea in bags of 25 kg and various sizes of large bags.