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What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a liquid, clear solution which consists of demineralized water and automotive urea (32,5%). AdBlue is injected into the exhaust gasses of a diesel powered engine to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in combination with SCR (Selective Catalyste Reduction) -technology. As such, AdBlue is not an additive for diesel. AdBlue, of which the technical name is AUS32, is alo know as DEF in the United States and ARLA32 in Brazil.

GreenChem is a leading manufacturer and distributor of AdBlue across Europe. Many trucks, cars, off-road equipment and Agricultural machinery, are using ISO-spec high quality AdBlue from GreenChem today. GreenChem’s brand values are: Efficient, Quality, Solutions for Youthe customer!  We always strive to be the best in what we do and offer our customer’s Operational solutions, from which they can benefit every day. Such solutions for example include the Distribution of AdBlue, a variety of Bulk Dispensing systems, Service Contracts, Flexible finance packages, Deliveries of pre-packed products such as 1,000 litre IBC’s, drums, cans, and other tailor- made solutions. GreenChem as part of AgroFert Holding also distributes Automotive Urea on a global scale. AgroFert Holding employs more than 25, 000 people in Europe and includes, amongst many other business ventures, Europe’s leading high quality UREA producing companies.

Greenchem is making progress towards a cleaner environment.  

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ALL-IN AdBlue tank system concept

The GreenChem All Inclusive financed concept AdBlue tank system, delivers you the most added value possible when using AdBlue.

Ask yourself these questions :

  • Are you fed up  with the hassle and mess of changing your AdBlue pump with every new IBC or DRUM ?
  • Are you fed up paying deposits for an IBC ?
  • Would you like your drivers to fill up their truck’s AdBlue tank without blocking up your warehouse?
  • Have you ever forgotten to order new AdBlue IBC’s or DRUMS, and now all your trucks trucks are standing in your yard with empty tanks…and losing precious time..?
  • Should you put a bund under your IBC, but feel it is a lot of hassle….
  • Do you have the feeling the whole IBC AdBlue thing is just complicated and time consuming?

Well we have the right solution for you.

The GreenChem  SMART ALL-IN AdBlue system contracts.

For an agreed price per liter we provide you with:

  • the use of a user friendly standalone AdBlue dedicated tank system.
  • including a service package which covers maintenance and breakdown service.
  • including timely deliveries of quality AdBlue before your tank is empty, via a managed remote AdBlue tank level  telemetry system.
  • including clean bulk deliveries without spilling, via a non-drip dry lock filling system.

So a quality efficient professional AdBlue solution for you….and no more hassle with IBC’s or Drums

GreenChem has many types of AdBlue systems, from small rectangular shapes to large round shapes, low volume and high volume. with integrated dispensing or external dispensing, the possibilities are endless and we always find a tailor made solution for your AdBlue dispensing needs.

GreenChem ALL-IN solutions deliver you a clean, secure and professional AdBlue solution. Enquire for a meeting with one of our AdBlue sales managers.

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AdBlue for Passenger cars

For the past couple of years, some larger diesel-powered vehicles such as SUVs have already been using AdBlue for their SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system. From 2015, most new diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles such as delivery vans will need AdBlue to be able to comply with the latest emissions legislation. Most basic questions about AdBlue and passenger cars can be answered by watching the video “AdBlue for passenger cars”. 

This part of the GreenChem website is dedicated to AdBlue for passenger cars and vans. We have done our best to provide you with as much information as possible.  You can use the menu at the top to get more information, or use these shortcut links or click on the menu pictures below:


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Dedicated AdBlue Equipment

GreenChem delivers AdBlue equipment for all truck and bus fleets sizes. The portfolio contains large Bulk AdBlue dispensing systems and also professional AdBlue IBC pumps. Our truck and bus AdBlue equipment customers can also rely on deliveries of AdBlue and accessoires required to dispense AdBlue in a correct way. Take a look at the GreenChem dedicated AdBlue equipment video for more information.

For more equipment information please make a selection below:

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AdBlue for Off Road, Equipment

GreenChem delivers AdBlue equipment for all fleet sizes. Our portfolio includes large bulk AdBlue dispensing systems as well as professional AdBlue-resistant pump equipment.

We have specially designed equipment for easy AdBlue dispensing in the field, which allows you to refill with AdBlue in the field or on construction sites.  

Our customers can also rely on deliveries of AdBlue-resistant products and accessories which are necessary to dispense AdBlue in the correct way.

Please click the equipment you are interested in below.

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About GreenChem

GreenChem is one of Europe’s largest AdBlue producers and distributors.  Part of Agrofert Holding a large privately owned Czech company which employs more than 34.000 people divided over three main business units.

  • Chemical production
  • Food production
  • Agricultural production

The Chemical production which is almost 50% of the business contains amongst GreenChem also two large Urea production companies, which supply the raw material for AdBlue to GreenChem.


GreenChem produces AdBlue locally in more than 20 production facilities around Europe and Brazil, this provides the company with a very flexible capacity and reliable production of AdBlue.

Flexible; because if AdBlue demands would suddenly peak, our production units can easily increase capacity by simply double the shifts.

Reliable; because if one production facility would breakdown GreenChem can easily switch to another to uphold the reliable deliveries of AdBLue.


GreenChem has another typical trade-off, we deliver a complete AdBlue solution. The customer will expect us to deliver high quality AdBlue, but also the products to get the AdBLue into the vehicle. We select and test AdBlue dispensing systems, AdBLue pumps, AdBlue canisters and other packet products for our customer, so you can dispense AdBlue in a safe and efficient way into your machine.

One of these products is the AdBlue Bulk dispensing system including an All-IN contract. Our customers contract GreenChem to supply them with AdBlue, the customers pay an agreed price per delivered liter and GreenChem provides them with:

  • A professional AdBlue dispensing systems
  • Maintenance and breakdown service
  • Telemetry which provides Machine to Machine communication with the central logistic software so before the system is empty it is already planned for a refill.
  • Timely delivery of AdBlue via the dedicated AdBlue BULK trucks.
  • And of course high quality AdBlue conforming to ISO 22241-1

In 2014 GreenChem has already more than 3000 contracted system throughout Europe, and this is growing by the day.  With all the other products on top of that, many many customers rely on GreenChem AdBlue on a daily basis.

GreenChem: Efficient Quality Solutions for You, our customers.