AdBlue Products for the Non Road Mobile Machinery market

GreenChem offers a complete range of AdBlue pumping equipment. The range starts with a manual hand-operated pump and goes all the way up to a mobile AdBlue system for professional dispensing in the field.

The rotary handpump could also be an excellent solution for use in remote locations, or where electrical power is not available.

The SMART Mobile is a double-bunded mobile tank system which allows you to refill with AdBlue in the field, instead of taking your machines back to your homebase location, and thus saving precious time and fuel.

Spare parts

Enquire with your local sales office if you need special AdBlue proof products or if you have other questions.

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AdBlue Nozzle

We offer our customers a wide range of AdBlue approved nozzles. This way we make sure our customers have the right materials and minimize the risk of contaminating the AdBlue. The nozzle ranges starts with a simple plastic manual nozzle and goes up to a commercially used automatic nozzle including magnetic mis fueling prevention.

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Together with our IBC’s and drum pumps we deliver also a dip-tube. This plastic tube is connected to the top of a Drum or IBC and reaches to the bottom. This is the cleanest way to retrieve AdBlue from an IBC or Drum together with the CDS-connector.  With this Dip tube you avoid the AdBlue hose going into the container where sand or dust from could possible contaminate the AdBlue.

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CDS Connector

For a clean and easy fluid transfer from drum and IBC, GreenChem delivers multiple versions of the self-sealing CDS connector. The best way to retrieve AdBlue from a drum or IBC is using a dip-tube and a CDS connector together.

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GreenChem AdBlue hose 16mm & 19mm

GreenChem AdBlue Hose

GreenChem has selected special AdBlue proof and certified hoses. These GreenChem branded hoses are available for our customers in different sizes and lengths. Sizes are 19 mm and 16 mm diameter, and the standard lengths are 4 meter, 6 meter, 8 meter, 10 meter and 15 meter.

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