Frequently asked customer questions (FAQ)

The pump is kicking, but there is no AdBlue coming from the nozzle. What do I do?

  • Check the nozzle for blockage. Try cleaning the nozzle in a bucket of warm water (40°C). Rinse for at least one minute.

What do I do when the nozzle switch is  stuck ?

  • Try cleaning the nozzle switch with a sponge and warm water (40°C). If the switch remains stuck, please contact your local GreenChem office.

How can I check the amount of liters left in my tank?

  • When your AdBlue dispensing system is fitted with a GreenChem telemetry, you don’t need to check the level. GreenChem will automatically refill your tank before it is depleted.

What do I do when the red light on my overfill protector is still lighted after a refill?

  • Do nothing. The red light indicates that your tank is filled to the maximum storage level. The red light will go out after a few fillings.

May I turn of the power of the AdBlue dispensing system when it is not used ?

  • Please do keep electrical power on the system at all times, the GreenChem telemetry concept depends on the communication module which is built in your tank. This module cannot communicate with us when the power is down, and than we do not know when to refill your tank, so you might create the possibility you will run out of AdBLue.

If you would like to know more about telemetry, please contact our customer service

Did you not find your question answered ?

  • Contact our customer support department using the contact details on the bottom of this page, or leave your contact details and question using the contact form.

AdBlue index & Urea Index

The price of AdBlue depends on two other price indexes. The price index for urea and the consumer price index. Developments for these indexes are summarized below. Please click one of the links for more information.

Customer Downloads

In this section of the website we have grouped the most regularly requested downloads for our customers.

You can find the most regularly requested downloads for our customers.

  • Manuals
  • MSDS
    • AdBlue
    • Automotive Urea
    • Technical Urea
    • AUS40
  • Data and specification sheets
    • AdBlue
    • Automotive Urea
    • Technical Urea
    • AUS40





Customer Support

At GreenChem we believe in long-term business relationships with satisfied customers. This is why our customers can expect a good service and we do our best to follow up on whatever the request is.

Web-ordering for Customers

The GreenChem customers have the option to order products online via their own web-ordering portal.  Products such as Canisters, Drums, IBC’s, AdBlue pumps and some AdBlue spare parts are available for ordering directly. If you would like to make use of this service, please enquire with your sales contact or fill in the contact information form.

GreenChem Customer Web-ordering

Service Partners and Service & Warranty requests

Each local GreenChem entity has contracted service partners to solve maintenance and breakdown service on the GreenChem AdBlue dispensing systems if necessary. These service partners are trained on dealing with AdBlue and AdBlue dispensing systems and have the most common spare parts on stock for a quick response time. When entering a service or warranty request please keep serial numbers and purchase information at hand. 

If you have a request for service or warranty please get in contact with us, using the contact form.


GreenChem Customers

A high customer satisfaction is important to us, in this section of the website we provide our customers the opportunity to tell our website visitors something about their chosen AdBlue solution.

 Besides this we offer our customers easy to reach information, tricks and tips and website log in links.

If you are not yet a customer of GreenChem but would like to be, please fill in your information in the contact form and we will contact you, or directly contact the local country office.