AdBlue for commercial filling stations

For our commercial fillingstation customers we have reserved a special segment on this website. (Retail and Dealer networks) Here you can find more information about retailing

  •  the 4 Liter AdBlue bottle and the NON-drip spout
  • The Drum trolley and electric pump
  • The AdBlue delivery via a Bulk AdBlue dispensing system.


AdBlue Workshop equipment

The GreenChem AdBlue drum trolley is designed for practical Homebase use for refilling your van or car fleet. 

The trolley is equipped with a powerful AdBlue-resistant pump system and, combined with a passenger car nozzle, provides you with a flow up to an estimated 6.0 litres/min, which is outstanding for passenger car and delivery van refilling.

The nozzle shuts off automatically when the tank is full, to prevent any AdBlue spillages.

AdBlue for fleet owners in homebase dispensing systems

If you have your own fleet of cars or light commercial vehicles, it might be of interest to you to have your own AdBlue Homebase dispensing unit. The GreenChem AdBlue passenger car dispensing units have been modified to be able to fill up a passenger car.

The flow rate has been reduced to about 6.0 litres/min and a special car inlet connector is fitted for excellent ease of use.

AdBlue for fleet owners in drums (200 L) & IBC's (1000 L)

GreenChem also has special products available for our passenger car and delivery van fleet owners. Cars and vans can be refilled with a flow rate of approximately 6 litres/min, which is why conventional AdBlue pumps with nozzles will not work correctly and will spill AdBlue on or in your cars.

GreenChem has a special nozzle and pump combination available which provides a steady 6 litre/min flow rate and which automatically shuts off when the AdBlue tank is full. This pump will be available for the GreenChem drum trolleys and IBCs. An AdBlue drum trolley with pump provides you with an easy-to-use mobile AdBlue dispensing system for Homebase use.  The GreenChem IBC with pump provides your workshop with a steady and easy-to-refill stationary AdBlue dispensing solution.

As GreenChem is one of Europe’s leading AdBlue suppliers, we can provide you with reliable deliveries of AdBlue in drums, IBCs or in bulk, at competitive prices.

Please ask our AdBlue specialist for a meeting, by using the "Make me an offer" button 

4-Litre AdBlue pasenger car canister

The 4-litre canister has been specially developed for refilling AdBlue in passenger cars. It has a round shape near the neck of the can, and the weight of the can has also been taken into account, both of which enable ease of use when refilling the car. Furthermore, the weight of the filled can is less than 5 kg, which makes it easy to handle for most people.

4 litres is the ideal size; it offers you the option to refill your car with a maximum of two or three canisters. It has a comfortable grip which makes it easy to hold. All in all, it is the ideal canister for refilling your car with AdBlue

Non-drip passenger car spout

GreenChem has developed a special non-drip passenger car refilling spout, which affords our customers:

  • A care free refilling of a passenger car AdBlue tank.

  • A safeguard against the dripping of AdBlue, which prevents stains on upholstery and clothing and rust on metal surfaces.

  • Protection against AdBlue overflows and spillages; the device stops the AdBlue flow when the AdBlue tank is full, preventing potential AdBlue overflows, which could damage your car.                        

The non-drip spout has been developed in accordance with ISO 22241-5 recommendations. This ISO standard describes a car’s AdBlue inlet, and most car manufacturers have followed this standard during the design process. This is why the GreenChem non-drip spout can be firmly connected to the car’s inlet to prevent spillage of AdBlue, and the device is virtually odour-free as vapours from the AdBlue tank go into the canister. The closing mechanism prevents any residual product from leaking onto your car.

AdBlue in canisters for Cars & Vans

As the fleet of European cars using AdBlue needs to grow first, the first refilling solution for cars is special canisters for passenger cars and delivery vans. 

GreenChem has developed the AdBlue Passenger Car starter kit, which you can see in the images beside this text.

The starter kit provides you with:

  • A ready-to-go package for refilling your car.

  • A proper capacity canister of 4 litres; most cars can be filled with a maximum of 2 or 3 of these cans.

  • A non-drip spout – a clean and safe way to refill your car. Connect the spout and bottle tightly to your car’s inlet and you have a secure connection which prevents any spillages of AdBlue.

This kit contains all you need for an easy refilling of your car’s AdBlue tank. The AdBlue bottle’s shape has been specially selected to be used in passenger cars, together with the non-drip spout.

Download datasheet: AdBlue starterkit datasheet