AdBlue or AUS40 for the marine market

Sell AdBlue or AUS40 in the marine market

International marine legislation is becoming increasingly stringent. Many new inland and offshore vessels will be fitted with SCR systems to decrease NOx emissions. These vessels would need AdBlue bunker options, which could be done via a stand-alone dispensing system, IBCs for inland ships or multiple bulk truck deliveries to offshore ships.

GreenChem has the experience and capability to provide your customers with a quality 40% or 32.5% urea solution.  

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AdBlue for the heavy duty commercial vehicles

Sell AdBlue for trucks and buses

Since the first Euro 4 trucks came onto the market in 2006, countless trucks have left the factory with GreenChem AdBlue on board.  In 2014, Euro 6 legislation came into effect, which requires almost all truck and bus manufacturers to install an SCR catalyst; trucks and buses will therefore need AdBlue.

Every new truck which is sold today will have AdBlue on board; the sales of AdBlue in this sector of the market will therefore increase year after year. 

This increase in SCR fleets also provides the opportunity to sell AdBlue to truck and bus owners in bulk using AdBlue dispensing systems, via packaged products or via commercial filling stations.

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AdBlue for the passenger car market

Sell AdBlue for passenger cars

Most modern diesel-powered cars with an engine capacity of 1.6 l or more will use SCR technology and AdBlue as emission reduction fluid from 2015.  It is estimated that in 2020, more than 20 million AdBlue passenger cars will be delivered in Europe alone. 

Passenger cars cannot use the already-existing AdBlue truck network to refill on AdBlue, as cars require specialised equipment for AdBlue refills. 

GreenChem has developed solutions for the passenger car AdBlue market visit the AdBlue Product section on this site for more information

AdBlue for the non-road market

Sell AdBlue in the non-road sector:

The Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) market, as it is officially called, covers all diesel-powered machines which are not designed for on-road applications:

  • Agricultural machinery such as: tractors, combine harvesters, wheel loaders, etc.
  • Construction machinery such as: excavators, bulldozers, Powered hovels, generator sets, etc.
  • Special load-handling equipment such as: RoRo tractors, reach trucks, forklift trucks, etc.
  • Forestry equipment such as: feller bunchers, skidders and delimber machinery, etc.

All users of these kinds of machinery will benefit from your AdBlue supply. Due to the Stage IV emissions legislation, these are all required to use AdBlue. If you provide servicing of these machines, delivering quality AdBlue will allow you to deliver a complete service package.  As the machines need to be filled up with AdBlue anyway, why not purchase it from you?

GreenChem can make sure that you possess the knowledge necessary to help your customers and the quality products that they need to fill up with AdBlue correctly. 

Visit the AdBlue products and AdBlue solution pages for more detailed product information, or ask about a meeting with one of our AdBlue sales specialists.

Why sell AdBlue ?

The use of SCR technology has been steadily growing since 2004, and AdBlue will continue to grow in the future, ensuring you a steady supply of customers with all kinds of vehicles. As a reseller of quality AdBlue you can provide your current customers a one stop shopping concept for all fluids necessary for their vehicle.  Furthermore, you could attract potential new customer groups, as the use of AdBlue is spreading across all types of diesel-powered machinery, trucks, cars etc; for non-road machinery and passenger cars, AdBlue is a new technology and the market is rapidly developing .

An example: If you were to start selling AdBlue for passenger cars as a commercial fuel supplier, car users will also be inclined to purchase diesel at your location, visit your shop, etc… Your entire product portfolio turnover could benefit from this one stop shopping concept. 

Another example: If you were to start selling AdBlue as a car part retailer, you could offer a one stop shopping concept to your customers, which could provide you a higher customer loyalty and therefore a higher turnover.

To sum up the advantages of selling AdBlue:

  • Increase turnover
  • Increase your gross margin
  • Create additional sales over your entire product portfolio
  • Provide your customers with a one stop shopping concept
  • Find new potential customer groups

Whether you are a car dealer, a petrol station owner or a servicer of trucks, ships or non-road vehicles, selling quality GreenChem AdBlue provides you with business benefits. 

If you decide to become a GreenChem dealer, we will tell you all you need to know about AdBlue and handling AdBlue. We will provide you with training and the latest AdBlue information to make sure that you can service your customers.

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In the section below, we briefly describe the available AdBlue markets, to give you an idea of the business potential of becoming a GreenChem AdBlue retailer or distributor.