GreenChem Telemetry Concept

Most of GreenChem’s customers rely on GreenChem to fill up their AdBlue dispensing system automatically. GreenChem installs a telemetry unit in the AdBlue system which measures the AdBlue level each night and transfers this data to GreenChem’s central logistical software. This is why it is important to always leave the system connected to an active power source.

GreenChem’s logistical software helps our planners to arrange refilling of our customer systems on time. The bulk trucks are planned with the most efficient routing, trying to optimize distance where possible, in order to minimize the carbon footprint on the environment. In 2014 GreenChem had more than 3000 contracted system throughout Europe, and this number is growing by the day. 

For GreenChem’s customer this process is fully automated, they do not need to worry about the AdBlue level, the AdBlue stock is sufficient.

GreenChem customers can focus on what they do best, their core business. 

All-Inclusive AdBlue for trucks and buses concept

In our philosophy we believe we need to offer our customers complete AdBlue dispensing solutions, including financing, telemetry, servicing and maintenance. This way we truly deliver added value to our customers.

For an agreed price per litre we provide you with:

  • the use of a user friendly standalone AdBlue dedicated tank system,
  • a service package which covers maintenance and breakdown service
  • telemetry service, this managed remote AdBlue tank level  monitoring system, makes sure you receive timely deliveries of quality AdBlue before your tank is empty.
  • including clean bulk deliveries without spilling, via a non-drip dry lock filling system.

To conclude, we deliver you a full service, quality efficient professional AdBlue solution for a pre-agreed price level.

GreenChem has many types of AdBlue systems , from small rectangular shapes to large round shapes, low volume and high volume, with integrated dispensing or external dispensing, the possibilities are endless and we always find a tailor made solution for your AdBlue dispensing.

GreenChem ALL-IN solutions deliver you a clean, secure and professional AdBlue solution.

For more information please enquire a meeting with one of our AdBlue specialists.

GreenChem Solutions philosophy for trucks

We believe  the best way to offer AdBlue to our fleet customers is to offer the complete solution, from premium Adblue production up to equipment to refill the trucks and  buses.

It is a common misperception that AdBlue is a simple fluid, because it contains mostly water. AdBlue is a very purified fluid which is very easy to contaminate, and this contamination could harm your SCR-Catalyst which has costly downtime of your bus or truck as result.  AdBlue is not classified as a dangerous or explosive fluid. It is not even possible to burn AdBlue, like it is not possible to burn water.

AdBlue has a couple of characteristics which makes it necessary to use AdBlue proof equipment, all other equipment will have a negative effect on the purity of the product.

  • AdBlue creeps,this makes sealing of products very difficult, and if you spill the product it will end up everywhere.

  • AdBlue is corrosive, many materials dissolves or rust when in contact with AdBlue.

  • AdBlue forms rock-hard white crystals when exposed to air.

The GreenChem solutions philosophy provides our truck and bus customers with:

  • high quality AdBlue.
  • field tested AdBlue proof filling equipment.  
  • a complete service package including financing of the standalone AdBlue dispensing systems.

This philosophy we call the GreenChem ALL-IN (All Inclusive Financed) Adblue tank system concept.